Our Leaders


Executive Director

The year 2015 was an exceptionally exciting year for the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. Our success in securing ownership of the land where our hospital historically stood for the last 35 years was the result of our collective action which finally ended our long years of unrelenting struggle for children’s interest and welfare it represents. We now face a more secure future that will bring us unbounded possibilities to be the best we could be. Indeed, it was a year of both change and discovery, audacity and excellence of new opportunities and extraordinary breakthroughs.

The growth of our patient population in every category is the concrete manifestation of the public’s trust in our expertise in specialty pediatric care, training and research. Our messaging and communications in relation to our role and national importance as the People’s Hospital resonated with broad segments of our society, amplified by the media when we brought to their attention our fear of losing our land. With this trust carries great responsibilities. We now focus in expanding our physical facilities to serve as many children as we can, and the government’s grant last year for us to build a new multi-storey building firmly started us in that direction.

Every day at PCMC, we will find new paths to excellence in order to further advance our mission of care, compassion, and innovation. We invite you to be with us in building a strong, safe and relevant hospital for Filipino children.



Deputy Director for Professional Service

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work and contribution of the staff, supporters, patients and friends of the PCMC who went out of their way to save our hospital last year when there were many forces that threatened to close and transfer it from its historical location. We were placed in a position where we would have to raise funds to pay for the land and save our hospital while there was a move to close our building from its wide open, child friendly spaces and a legacy that has served the Filipino children for almost 40 years. Last year had the darkest hours in our history.

In response to these threats, the entire PCMC community came together to gain popular support from the Filipino people to find ways and means to keep PCMC alive. The campaign started with letters, meetings. rallies, coming out in the media and speaking directly with politicians who have supported the PCMC in recognition of its valuable contribution to Child healthcare. Our campaign included members of our staff going out of their way to find all the possibilities to save our hospital, even to the provinces to find anything that could save PCMC. With hard work, prayers and the great love and support of our community and the intervention of Senators Guingona, Legarda and Aquino and Congressman Romualdez , the PCMC not only won the right to stay in its present historical location, but we were granted funds to build a new building and renovate the old building to bring it up to 21 st century of healthcare for our patients especially the indigent.



Deputy Director for Nursing Service

Caring for pediatric patients, day to day, poses a great challenge to the professional nurse as it requires professionalism, competence and compassion that result to better patient outcomes and effective and safe patient care.

Managing a nursing service goes beyond maintaining an effective and safe care delivery. It is about shared decisions and shared accountability. It is about teamwork and developing the value of selfless service among all nursing personnel. This may sound unrealistic, but with the programs and trainings that the PCMC top management implemented like the Pediatric Nurse residency training program, Pediatric Nurse Managers residency training program, the Pediatric nurse competency development training and other specialty programs; selfless, safe and effective patient care is achievable and we are engaged to succeed.



Deputy Director for Hospital Support Service

35 years of being around not as a mere institution, PCMC is a place home away from home of children who come for medical attention. A healing and compassionate community for children of all creed and social classes, PCMC has become me since 1997 when I first decided to commit my professional services here.

The paradigm of a government without genuine care for its people had long been shattered sixteen years ago. My commitment to serve with uncompromising care and concern for the children who come to PCMC portals is deepened year after year. The odds and barriers in operation do not measure up to the magnitude of each successful venture, no matter how small and brief. The joy seeing through every struggle brought to the finish line is the one that lasts.

I am nearing the end of my government service. I wish to leave a legacy of hard work and continuous quest for improvement and excellence in everything we do here. I have always been very proud of being part of this institution that demonstrates the value of a government that truly cares for its people especially the children from the deprived and underserved communities.